Public Hearings

Media Release PUA Public Hearings


“Putting Public Universities Under the Spotlight”

Please mark 10 May 2023 @4 pm in your calendar
For a Zoom link please email:

Please note that the Chatham House Rule will apply.

The independent oversight of university budgets, governance and performance is either
weak or non-existent in Australia. Inadequate and ineffectively applied laws hinder the
ability of university staff, students, elected parliamentary bodies and the general public
from thoroughly probing into how well the higher education sector serves the public
good and its core functions of teaching and research. Public Universities Australia (PUA)
therefore proposes to commence Public Hearings on University Budgets, Governance
and Performance that enable open questioning on these issues, unrestricted by the
narrow framing and predetermined outcomes that often diminish the value of such
consultation processes. We invite questions, suggestions, and relevant information via
the above email address.

These hearings will afford an opportunity for students, academics, administrators,
politicians, public servants, journalists, and members of the wider community to meet
and discuss the problems in Australia’s education and training systems. This
announcement is an invitation to contribute and develop the format of an intended
series, which can continue as long as there is need and interest. The contributions will,
in turn, influence what strategies might be considered for the advocacy and achievement
of substantive change. These sessions are intended to provide launchpads for further